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[--Lamed Messianic Jewish Studies--] Main/Ivrit (Hebrew) Font Short-Cuts

Ivrit (Hebrew) Font Short-Cuts

This page intent is to reduce editing time of the Hebrew terminology which is desired to show up in texts in replacement of the appropriately listed term. The layout of the page chart is: Hebrew Term as translated through the Web-Font Kit CSS masking, the transliterated term and English term(s) to be replaced, and then the actual Web-Font Kit markup with full keyboard mapping seen plainly as sourced so that one may copy and paste from the page without having to go into the Edit mode. To use the replacement, copy and paste from the page text the markup shown in the third column and take it to the page you are editing to the replacement usage. To add to this list, edit the page and follow the previous examples to add a table entry (three columns) and the appropriate code tags markup around the webfontkit markup you wish to add.


In the Charts below, the "resize larger" Markup [++ text ++] blends well with normal text. "Resize extra large" [++++ text ++++] has been used here for example to allow one to more easily see the markup derivative due to the text size. Remember to adjust your font size increases to match the text around it or the need of the specific circumstances or task. Here are a couple of examples to show you the differences in these markups, and of course the more matching '+' tags (beginning and ending) you have the bigger it will be.


[++%shalomoldstyle1% hvhy %%++]

[++++%shalomoldstyle1% hvhy %%++++]



Simple CSS class reference using variables on this page in which they are defined as page variables.

[++ %shalomoldstyle1%{$:Yeshua}%% ++] is my [++ %shalomoldstyle1%{$:Melech}%% ++]

Simple CSS class reference using variables on this page in which they are defined as page variables.

i-VDy2 is my K9lEmE

Long Style Text using hard references directly in the text line for the variables and their page reference where they are created (which is this page).

[++ %shalomoldstyle1%{Main.IvritShorts$:Yeshua}%% ++] is my [++ %shalomoldstyle1%{Main.IvritShorts$:Melech}%% ++]

Long Style Text using hard references directly in the text line for the variables and their page reference where they are created (which is this page).

i-VDy2 is my K9lEmE

You can even add variables to the top of a page edit and use them to shorten your work.
Add the following to the top of the page:
This section is variables and comments for the next example.  Nothing will be shown as output.

(:miv:Main.IvritShorts:) {# The page reference for the Variables Source #}

(:so1:[++ %shalomoldstyle1%:) {# Big Text with CSS Font Class to use #}

(:so2:[++++ %shalomoldstyle1%:) {# Even Bigger Text with CSS Font Class to use #}

(:se1:%% ++]:) {# Ending tags for CSS class and Big Text #}

(:se2:%% ++++]:) {# Ending tags for CSS class and Bigger Text #}

This section is variables and comments for the next example. Nothing will be shown as output.

Use the following template in the page while changing the actual variable names (left as hard {} text) as needed.
{$:so1}{{$:miv}$:Yeshua}{$:se1} is my {$:so2}{{$:miv}$:Melech}{$:se2}

i-VDy2 is my K9lEmE


Hebrew Term Term(s) to Replace Web-Font Kit (Copy/Paste)
hvhy G-d, YHVH/YHWH, יהוה (& RTL variants)
Key-Map: hvhy
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:YHVH} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:YHVH}
MyhQOla6 Elohim, YHWH, L-RD, G-D (& variants)
Key-Map: MyhQOla6
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Elohim} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Elohim}
MyhQOla6h} The Elohim, The G-D (& variants)
Key-Map: MyhQOla6h}
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:HaElohim} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:HaElohim}
MyhQOla6b<$ of Elohim / G-D (& variants)
Key-Map: MyhQOla6b<$
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:B_Elohim} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:B_Elohim}
Vnyh2Ola6 [our] Elohim / G-D
Key-Map: Vnyh2Ola6
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Eloheinu} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Eloheinu}
K9lEmE King
Key-Map: K9lEmE
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Melech} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Melech}
K9lEmEh- The King
Key-Map: K9lEmEh-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:HaMelech} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:HaMelech}
tyDQar@b<4 B'Reshit, Bereshit, B'resheet, Beresheet, In the beginning
Key-Map: tyDQar@b<4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:B_reshit} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:B_reshit}
ar=b<} bara, created
Key-Map: ar=b<}
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Bara} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Bara}
ta2 et, (infinitive article pointer)
Key-Map: ta2
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:et} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:et}
ta2v4 v'et, (and + infinitive article pointer)
Key-Map: ta2v4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:v_et} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:v_et}
Ml=oi Universe
Key-Map: Ml=oi
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Olam} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Olam}
Ml=oih- The Universe
Key-Map: Ml=oih-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:HaOlam} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:HaOlam}
,Ml=oih- "The Universe," [with a comma]
specifically added for blessings pause.
Key-Map: ,Ml=oih-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:HaOlam_c} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:HaOlam_c}
My1m-D<h- HaShamayim, The Heavens
Key-Map: My1m-D<h-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:HaShamayim} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:HaShamayim}
Xr3a}h} Ha-Aretz, The Earth
Key-Map: Xr3a}h}
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Ha-Aretz} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Ha-Aretz}
i-VDy2 Prop. Name - Yeshua,
variants: Yeshua, Y'shua, Salvation
Key-Map: i-VDy2
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Yeshua} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Yeshua}
hi=VDy2 Adj. - Yeshu-ah, variants: Yeshu-ah, Y'shu-ah,
[the] Salvation [of]
Key-Map: hi=VDy2
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Yeshuah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Yeshuah}
K9Vrb<= Baruch, Barukh, Blessed
Key-Map: K9Vrb<=
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:baruch} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:baruch}
t<A You, f.s.
Key-Map: t<A
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:at} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:at}
ht<=A You, m.s.
Key-Map: ht<=A
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:atah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:atah}
rDEaU Who [has]
Key-Map: rDEaU
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:asher} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:asher}
VnD}d<$)q! Qidshanu, Kidshanu, blessed us [with]
Key-Map: VnD}d<$)q!
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Qidshanu} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Qidshanu}
hv+x4m1 Commandment, Deed, Good Work
Key-Map: hv+x4m1
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Mitzvah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Mitzvah}
tOvx4m1 Commandment, Deed, Good Work
Key-Map: tOvx4m1
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Mitzvot} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Mitzvot}
vyt=Ovx4m1b<4 Commandment, Deed, Good Work
Key-Map: vyt=Ovx4m1b<4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:B_Mitzvotav} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:B_Mitzvotav}
Vnv+x1v$ and [has] commanded us
Key-Map: Vnv+x1v$
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:V_TZivanu} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:V_TZivanu}
li= in [the]
Key-Map: li=
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:al} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:al}


Hebrew Term Term(s) to Replace Web-Font Kit (Copy/Paste)
dc=a3 One, Unified
Key-Map: dc=a3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:echad} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:echad}
Other Variants: {$:ekhad}
Other Variants: {$:ehad}
yn2D4 Two
Key-Map: yn2D4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:sh_nei} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:sh_nei}
Other Variants: {$:shenei}
Other Variants: {$:sheney}
hD}lD4 Three
Key-Map: hD}lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:sheloshah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:sheloshah}
hi=b<=r$a- Four
Key-Map: hi=b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:arbayah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:arbayah}
hD<}ym1c7 Five
Key-Map: hD<}ym1c7
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:chamishah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:chamishah}
hD<}yDQ Six
Key-Map: hD<}yDQ
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:shishah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:shishah}
hi=b4D1 Seven
Key-Map: hi=b4D1
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:shivah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:shivah}
hn+omDR Eight
Key-Map: hn+omDR
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:shemonah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:shemonah}
hi=D$t<1 Nine
Key-Map: hi=D$t<1
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:tishah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:tishah}
hr=S+i7 Ten
Key-Map: hr=S+i7
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:asarah} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:asarah}
rS+i= dc=a= Eleven
Key-Map: rS+i= dc=a=
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:achad_asar} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:achad_asar}
rS+i= Myn2D4 Twelve
Key-Map: rS+i= Myn2D4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:sh_neim_asar} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:sh_neim_asar}
rS+i7 hD}lD4 Thirteen
Key-Map: rS+i7 hD}lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:sheloshah_asar} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:sheloshah_asar}
rS+i7 hi=b<=r$a- Fourteen
Key-Map: rS+i7 hi=b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:arbayah_asar} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:arbayah_asar}
rS+i7 hD<}ym1c7 Fifteen
Key-Map: rS+i7 hD<}ym1c7
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:chamishah_asar} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:chamishah_asar}
rS+i7 hD<}yDQ Sixteen
Key-Map: rS+i7 hD<}yDQ
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:shishah_asar} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:shishah_asar}
rS+i7 hi=b4D1 Seventeen
Key-Map: rS+i7 hi=b4D1
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:shivah_asar} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:shivah_asar}
rS+i7 hn+omDR Eighteen
Key-Map: rS+i7 hn+omDR
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:shemonah_asar} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:shemonah_asar}
rS+i7 hi=D$t<1 Nineteen
Key-Map: rS+i7 hi=D$t<1
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:tishah_asar} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:tishah_asar}
Mr!S4i3 Twenty, Twentieth
Key-Map: Mr!S4i3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:esrim} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:esrim}
Mr!S4i3v$ and Twenty
Used in conjunction with Echad-Asarah
Key-Map: Mr!S4i3v$
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:ve-esrim} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:ve-esrim}
Other Variants: {$:v-esrim}
dc=a3v$ Mr!S4i3 Twenty-One
Lit. Twenty and One
esrim v'echad
Key-Map: dc=a3v$ Mr!S4i3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:21} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:21}
My1n-D4v$ Mr!S4i3 Twenty-Two
Lit. Twenty and Two
esrim ush'nayim
Key-Map: My1n-D4v$ Mr!S4i3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:22} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:22}
DolD4v$ Mr!S4i3 Twenty-Three
Lit. Twenty and Three
esrim v'sh'losh
Key-Map: DolD4v$ Mr!S4i3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:23} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:23}
b<=r$a-v$ Mr!S4i3 Twenty-Four
Lit. Twenty and Four
esrim v'arba
Key-Map: b<=r$a-v$ Mr!S4i3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:24} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:24}
Dm2c7v$ Mr!S4i3 Twenty-Five
Lit. Twenty and Five
esrim v'chamesh
Key-Map: Dm2c7v$ Mr!S4i3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:25} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:25}
DDWv$ Mr!S4i3 Twenty-Six
Lit. Twenty and Six
esrim v'shesh
Key-Map: DDWv$ Mr!S4i3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:26} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:26}
ib-D4v$ Mr!S4i3 Twenty-Seven
Lit. Twenty and Seven
esrim v'shivah
Key-Map: ib-D4v$ Mr!S4i3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:27} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:27}
n#omDRV Mr!S4i3 Twenty-Eight
Lit. Twenty and Eight
esrim v'sh'monei
Key-Map: n#omDRV Mr!S4i3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:28} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:28}
D{t<1v$ Mr!S4i3 Twenty-Nine
Lit. Twenty and Nine
esrim v'tisha
Key-Map: D{t<1v$ Mr!S4i3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:29} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:29}
MD1lD4 Thirty, Thirtieth
Key-Map: MD1lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:30} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:30}
MD1lD4v$ and Thirty
Key-Map: MD1lD4v$
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:v30} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:v30}
dc=a3v$ MD1lD4 Thirty-One
Lit. Thirty and One
sh'loshim v'echad
Key-Map: dc=a3v$ MD1lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:31} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:31}
My1n-D4v$ MD1lD4 Thirty-Two
Lit. Thirty and Two
sh'loshim ush'nayim
Key-Map: My1n-D4v$ MD1lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:32} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:32}
DolD4v$ MD1lD4 Thirty-Three
Lit. Thirty and Three
sh'loshim v'sh'losh
Key-Map: DolD4v$ MD1lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:33} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:33}
b<=r$a-v$ MD1lD4 Thirty-Four
Lit. Thirty and Four
sh'loshim v'arba
Key-Map: b<=r$a-v$ MD1lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:34} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:34}
Dm2c7v$ MD1lD4 Thirty-Five
Lit. Thirty and Five
sh'loshim v'chamesh
Key-Map: Dm2c7v$ MD1lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:35} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:35}
DDWv$ MD1lD4 Thirty-Six
Lit. Thirty and Six
sh'loshim v'shesh
Key-Map: DDWv$ MD1lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:36} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:36}
ib-D4v$ MD1lD4 Thirty-Seven
Lit. Thirty and Seven
sh'loshim v'shivah
Key-Map: ib-D4v$ MD1lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:37} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:37}
n#omDRv$ MD1lD4 Thirty-Eight
Lit. Thirty and Eight
sh'loshim v'sh'monei
Key-Map: n#omDRv$ MD1lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:38} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:38}
D{t<1v$ MD1lD4 Thirty-Nine
Lit. Thirty and Nine
sh'loshim v'tisha
Key-Map: D{t<1v$ MD1lD4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:39} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:39}
Myi1b<=r$a- Forty, Fortieth
Key-Map: Myi1b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:40} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:40}
Myi1b<=r$a-v$ and Forty
Key-Map: Myi1b<=r$a-v$
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:v40} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:v40}
dc=a3v$ Myi1b<=r$a- Forty-One
Lit. Forty and One
arbayim v'echad
Key-Map: dc=a3v$ Myi1b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:41} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:41}
My1n-D4v$ Myi1b<=r$a- Forty-Two
Lit. Forty and Two
arbayim v'sh'nayim
Key-Map: My1n-D4v$ Myi1b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:42} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:42}
DolD4v$ Myi1b<=r$a- Forty-Three
Lit. Forty and Three
arbayim v'sh'losh
Key-Map: DolD4v$ Myi1b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:43} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:43}
b<=r$a-v$ Myi1b<=r$a- Forty-Four
Lit. Forty and Four
arbayim v'arba
Key-Map: b<=r$a-v$ Myi1b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:44} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:44}
Dm2c7v$ Myi1b<=r$a- Forty-Five
Lit. Forty and Five
arbayim v'chamesh
Key-Map: Dm2c7v$ Myi1b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:45} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:45}
DDWv$ Myi1b<=r$a- Forty-Six
Lit. Forty and Six
arbayim v'shesh
Key-Map: DDWv$ Myi1b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:46} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:46}
ib-D4v$ Myi1b<=r$a- Forty-Seven
Lit. Forty and Seven
arbayim v'shivah
Key-Map: ib-D4v$ Myi1b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:47} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:47}
n#omDRv$ Myi1b<=r$a- Forty-Eight
Lit. Forty and Eight
arbayim v'sh'monei
Key-Map: n#omDRv$ Myi1b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:48} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:48}
D{t<1v$ Myi1b<=r$a- Forty-Nine
Lit. Forty and Nine
arbayim v'tisha
Key-Map: D{t<1v$ Myi1b<=r$a-
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:49} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:49}


Hebrew Term Term(s) to Replace Web-Font Kit (Copy/Paste)
hvhy G-d, YHVH/YHWH, יהוה (& RTL variants)
Key-Map: hvhy
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:YHVH} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:YHVH}


Hebrew Term Term(s) to Replace Web-Font Kit (Copy/Paste)
tr-yp1s4 [the] counting [of]
Key-Map: tr-yp1s4
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Sephirat} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Sephirat}
rm3oi$ Omer
Key-Map: rm3oi$
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Omer} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Omer}
rm3oi$b<= [of/in the] Omer
Key-Map: rm3oi$b<=
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:Ba-Omer} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:Ba-Omer}
rm3oi$h= The Omer
Key-Map: rm3oi$h=
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:HaOmer} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:HaOmer}
.rm3oi$h= "The Omer." [with a period]
specifically added for blessing ending.
Key-Map: .rm3oi$h=
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:HaOmer_p} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:HaOmer_p}
Moy [a] Day
Key-Map: Moy
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:yom} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:yom}
Moyfh= Today, (lit. [the] Day)
Key-Map: Moyfh=
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:hayom} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:hayom}
Mym1y+ Days
Key-Map: Mym1y+
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:yamim} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:yamim}
i-Vb4D= Week
Key-Map: i-Vb4D=
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:shavua} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:shavua}
Mh2D3 which are
Key-Map: Mh2D3
[++++ %shalomoldstyle1% {$:sheheim} %% ++++]
Other Pages: {Main/IvritShorts$:sheheim}

Help Build the Hebrew Font Vocabulary Chart

The comment form will only show up if you are in the Ivrit Edit group. If you would like to become an IvritShorts page Editor, Please see the WebMaster and request to have a login created to specifically add to the comments below on this page. All that is needed from you is the actual Variable Name you want to use and the Key-Map to build the Hebrew Font words. Use the chart above for examples of how to make these. If you wish to use examples from above to make sure you have the right key-mapping, just copy and paste it to the sandbox link below and use Preview after each change to update the preview page and see the result. There is no need to publish anything since the resulting build will be logged below into the comments section.

If you would like to help build the chart, First: Login with a valid CBT Login-ID to access the comment form at the bottom of this page. Then you can copy and paste the example below into the Comments box and Replace   the appropriate variable name and Key-Map portions with the appropriate Font Character Map representation from the Custom Fonts Chart page along with the meaning of the Hebrew word being assigned the character map.

  • REMEMBER: Hebrew is right to left, so your Key-Map will be in reverse order with Niqudot (vowel points) before letters!
Variable Name: {$:VarName} ( Example: {$:HaOmer} )
Key-Mapping:   [++++ %shalomoldstyle1% Key-Map %% ++++] ( Example KeyMap: rm3oi$h= )
Description:   Definition(s), and English Translations including implied usages 
                         (ie. [the] something [of], [a] something, etc.)
               Include other Engl. transliteration variations, (since there are no standards).
               Also, include any specific reasons for special key-mapped additions 
                         (like with a comma, period, etc. for prayers and similar items).

Use the Guest Sandbox and Preview button in the Edit window of the page to make sure what you will add to the comments box will work right. Then copy your creation into the Comments box below and add it to the list.
[Once you log in (minimally: valid CBT Login-ID) you should see the comments form and examples. ]