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[---Lamed Messianic Jewish Studies---] Discord/Discord: LMJS Chat Server Rules and Conduct

Discord: LMJS Chat Server Rules and Conduct

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Getting to Know You

If you have been referenced to this page as a new member, please help us get to know you a little. This is a peaceful server, and we would really like to keep it that way for the shalom of everyone.

Consider copying these and adding answers to paste into the chat forum, and add other info you would like us to know.
Please tell us something about yourself:

  • Where are you from?
  • What brings you to us?
  • Do you have any particular interests of Biblical Study?
  • Do you have a local congregation in which you attend?
  • Are you looking for a congregation in which to be connected?
  • What is something interesting about you that sets you apart?
  • These questions are simply a jumping point to get to know you, and so feel free to add whatever you desire.


Rules of Conduct

re: SilverMouse ( הָעַכְבָּר הָכֶּסוֹף , Ha-Akḥbar Ha-Kesoph ) — 09/23/2018 11:42 PM
The following rules apply to all Discord and DiscordApp members and must be followed at all times while on our server.

Failure to follow these rules will result in disciplinary action, up to and including removal of stream privileges and removal of access to this Discord server.

If you would like clarifications, explanations, have edits or additions to the ROC list, or just want to discuss an issue, please DM your issue to a @ Administrator please.


  • Minimum age for membership to the Lamed Messianic Studies Discord Chat Server is governed by Discord TOS. Anyone found to be disrespectful, vulgar, degrading, defamatory, slanderous, despicable, overly argumentative, grossly repulsive, or otherwise socially or morally demeaning (especially to our young people) will have their membership revoked.
  • Do not spam, any spammers will be picked up by our automated system and banned.
  • Racism of any kind (including racial slurs and hate speech) is NOT tolerated under any circumstance. The same goes for depictions of domestic violence, inferences of sexual abuse or child abuse, and will result in harsh disciplinary measures.
  • Do not use abusive or insulting language to other members. Threatening behaviour and/or bullying will not be tolerated.
  • We are not responsible for any damage that might occur to your computer by clicking links posted in our Discord server.
  • Voice channels are for primarily congregation communication, and to that end it behooves everyone to conduct themselves using some basic rules of etiquette for the enjoyment of everyone. This means that extra background noise, personal conversations, overactive extracurricular or electronic media actions, and other similarly invasive interruptions must be (and should be) mitigated at the source. Keep it friendly. No mic hogging.
  • No posting of personal information of others or self-identifying information including real names, addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers, social insurance numbers, employment information, etc at all in public text chat. Use Direct Messaging for personal and private conversations to transmit and convey any such information to only the specific parties to which it is intended.
  • Enter live voice streams cautiously while taking care to not disrupt the room as members may be in a serious discussion and need to concentrate and communicate with only the other parties in the discussion. Public voice rooms are less critical, however proper respect is still good demeanor.
  • No interrupting departmental-rooms (roles-rooms) or being disruptive without expressed permission from the Security Lead, Producer, Cams Manager, or person leading the room or group.
  • Before causing any disruptive actions in a live voice stream room, make sure there is not a spiritual discussion taking place or in progress. (a quick word will most often be sufficient, but you can also confirm in the associated text chat that you are able to UN-mute or interrupt if you are unsure if a spiritual discussion is in progress.)
  • Impersonations of FBI, CIA, Police, Sheriff, Fire, Ambulance or any other world wide government services will not be tolerated.
  • Do not call for illegal or collusive actions on discord.
  • Failure to comply will result in you being muted, moved to another room, role-adjusted, kicked, or banned depending on the severity of the issue.
  • DiscordApp Guidelines -- What's awesome and not awesome to do on Discord
    • These community guidelines are developed to make sure everyone on Discord has a good time making great memories playing games.
  • Discord TOS -- Discord Terms of Service
    • This the Discord ToS meta description. Wow, helpful meta description Discord. Thanks!


Discussion Agreements

re: SilverMouse ( הָעַכְבָּר הָכֶּסוֹף , Ha-Akḥbar Ha-Kesoph ) — 09/23/2018 11:42 PM

  • Elohim will not go against His Own Word and Scripture does not change.
  • Elohim will not add to or take away from His Own Word given to us in the fullness that we need.
  • Elohim will not bless something He has cursed or curse something He has blessed.
  • Adhering to the manner that Yocḥanan (John) taught in saying that he must decrease while Yeshua must increase, when something is different from Scripture in the way we understand it then we must be willing to decrease and let the Word of Elohim increase in US.
  • There are no personal interpretations of Scripture and the Scripture does not need help interpreting itself.
  • When something separates itself from Scripture, then we must be willing to separate from that thing.
  • The heart of man is evil and there is none good but the Father in Heaven. The ways of man are altogether fallible; so therefore, if there seems to be an error in or with Scripture, then we must somehow be in error.
  • Love Elohim and love one another by listening to and understanding Scripture by grace and then by being merciful to one another and not getting caught up in foolish prides.
  • If we are not willing to put our own nose in the Scripture, then we are not ready to study "together" and edify one another as commanded.
  • Do not create strife in the Body of Yeshua HaMashiacḥ as this is not the way of Elohim.


About Discord Server: LMJS

This is a protected private server for Family and Friends of Lamed Messianic Jewish Studies. Please Interact with the Staff you see to get your roles properly assigned. Be assured that you are not seeing all the rooms that are available. You will need to converse with a Moderator or Admin to grant access via the proper roles assignments to see more rooms.

We love to share and talk about Biblical things, and most often it will contradict the rest of the world, most of organized religion, and even the things we think we have figured out because of something being out of context. The primary purpose of this server started as a communications for our technical team. This server has also become a safe haven for outside public (who believe in HaMashiacḥ or do not have a local Messianic Jewish congregation in which they can attend) to discover us and talk about things they would not normally feel comfortable talking about in public or the outside unbelieving world. If you are serious about conversing with a body which will take the Scriptures seriously and simply do what it states without adding to or taking away anything or taking things out of context of Scripture explaining itself, then please stick around and talk with us without just leaving.

We would love to have you, just rest assured that you are only in the holding area. This Server is Moderated. You will need a roles assignment to see more rooms.


Other Notes and Reminders

This section is for the other remaining server notes that pertain to operation and daily activities of the server.

Invites from Other Servers and Forums

Addendum: This server allows invites from other servers as this is a good way to grow communities. It is requested that any invite that turns out to be anti-Semitic or hostile towards race or religion or persons, is for illegal activities or anything similarly repulsive, misleading, or untruthful be reported to Discord and This Server so that there may be guards put in place against search servers.

Please remember, if the invite is supposed to be private then please send a direct message instead of making it public.

Independent Studies and Mutual Edification

It has come to the attention of the Lamed Server that everyone seems ready for a golden answer served upon a silver platter. The truth of the matter is that we should be striving to be kings under the Most High King as we ascend in knowledge according to Mishlei (Proverbs) 25:2 and show the Glory of Elohim in us.

To that end, please know that this server is here to help you find what you need to perfect your faith, but your salvation is your own to work out in fear (reverential awe) and trembling (contrition) with Elohienu. Expect a lot of questions to guide you where you may need to go, but be ready to dig the texts to answer your question with that guidance.

Most Important Doctrine

Let There Be No Confusion
Please familiarize yourself with Hebrews Chapter One.
Yahu'ah Yeshua HaMashiacḥ is GOD The SON and
ordained by GOD The FATHER with the Name of GOD
as Everlasting and Creator of Heaven and Earth.
The Ru'acḥ HaQodesh is the presence that binds them.
We are not trinitarians, and Father with Son in Spirit is:

We can talk this over any time you desire!
The simple fact of the matter is that, if there is Co-equality (between HaShamayim, or the above waters which is the abode of the Eternal, and the creation inhabited by The Eternal Existent), then The Eternal Existent One in both inhabitations can be worshipped; Because, the Salvation of יהוה -- sent by יהוה is to be believed in as the right arm of יהוה of the very יהוה out of Whom that right arm was sent forth.

The truth is that there is a יהוה (Eternally Existent One) and we are not Him.
The truth is that we glorify HaShem יהוה (The Name/Character/Reputation of The Eternally Existent One).
The truth is that יהוה gave His Name/Character/Reputation to His Son Yeshua (Salvation) and glorified the Son.
The truth is that if we glorify the Name, and Yeshua has been given the Name, then we glorify Yeshua.
Yeshua has the Name of יהוה the Father and therefore is considered יהוה .
That is why we say: יהוה Yeshua HaMashiacḥ. The Eternal Existent [One] Salvation The Anointed -- (This IS The Unified Name)
The Name is glorified because it is a hallowed (Respectfully Set-Apart) Name.
And, we will glorify and hallow The Name.
We are commanded to hallow The Name.
[ Ref. VaYiqra (Leviticus) 22: 2, 32 ]