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[---Lamed Messianic Jewish Studies---] Main/SHALOM

( לַמֵּד , Lamed, or Lammeidh )
is an online congregation of
אחים של צדק ( Acḥim-shel-Tzedheq )
( Brethren of Righteousness ),
an assembly of Home-born and Spiritual Jews (adopted by Faith in HaMashiacḥ and His Torah into the Tribe of Y'hudah) who believe in
Messiah Yeshua of NatzrathFind out exactly in Biblical details just
What and Who the Bible says is
Y'shua - ( Salvation )
and how this is at most times different from what the rest of most the World says is He.
, the one who was nailed to HaEtz (the wood/tree) and rose from the dead, proving that He is the Son of G-d. Y'shua (Salvation) is the Messiah of Yisra'El, foretold by Mosheh (Moses), Melecḥ David, and HaN'vi-im (the Prophets).

  1. Beit HaMikdash
  2. Prayer at Wailing Wall
  3. Pesach Remembrance
  4. Seat of Eliyahu at Pesakh
  5. From Har Karmel
  6. Torah Ark

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As such, we are committed to Elohim, to His Yeshua, and to the Torah of MoshehThe Torah of Mosheh, also known as the 'Law of Moses,' refers to the instructions and ordinances given by Elohim to Mosheh at Mt. Sinai, the 'Books of Moses,' Genesis-Deuteronomy.

Click this link to find out about our Torah reading schedule and other things concerning the views we should have about the Torah.
as Messiah taught it. We are also committed to His People, the "Home-born Jews" and the grafted-in vines (whom are all) into the true vine of Yisra'El of whom Mashiacḥ (Messiah) is the root; henceforth, recognizing that all who trust in Him become part of Yisra'El. He is the King of the Y'hudim (Jews). Our foundation is Y'shua HaMashiacḥ (Salvation The Anointing/Messiah) Himself, HaTorath B'Mosheh (the Torah of Moses), HaN'vi-im (the Prophets), and HaSh'lichim ("the sent ones" / the apostles). In building גּוּפוֹ אֵת בְּשָׂרֵינוּ (Gupho eith b'sareinu, His Body our flesh), we are together in submission to each other, attending to חֲדָשׁוֹת טוֹבוֹת (Cḥadhashoth Tovoth, The Good Report/News) of the ultimate eternal chatat (sin-offering) to pay for an eternal debt only The Eternal can pay, provided by The Eternal Existent One and for The Eternal Existent One, and The Word of The Mightiest One ( אֶת־הָדְּבַר הָאֱלֹהִֽים ) (and the actions and doing thereof) according to the encouragement and corrections in HaBrith HaCḥadashah (The Covenant [of] The Renewal).
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     Cḥagh Sukoth 3
Festival of Tabernacles

Sh'mot 33:12-34:26
Z'kḥaryah 14:16-21
T'hillim 122; 123; 124

Brit Cḥadashah:
Hithghaluth 21:1-27
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SHA'ALU, SHALOM YERUSHALAYIM! Yishlayu, ohavaikh...
"Pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem; May those who love you be secure".